How To Create A Balloon Garland

Creating a Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are a great way to make any event or celebration feel special. They make for a great backdrop for photos and elevate any space at the party you are throwing. Hiring companies to make you a balloon garland can be expensive however and often force many to go without one for their upcoming celebrations. However, many do not know how fun and easy it can be to make your own balloon garland! So, here’s a guide on how to create a balloon garland. The supplies you need to make a balloon garland are balloons, a balloon pump, string or fishing line, tape, and scissors. Then the instructions on how to create a balloon garland are to:

  • Blow Up Your Balloons
  • Cut Several Pieces of String or Fishing Line and Tie Balloons to the Ends of Strings
  • Tape the Strings to Wall to Hang Up the Balloons

All you need is a couple of supplies and a few hours. Making your own balloon garland also allows you to customize it even more and feel secure in the quality and price of your amazing party décor. Making a balloon garland can even be a great way for you and your family and friends to work together! Get together a few hours before your next gathering to create a beautiful balloon garland that everyone can appreciate. With so many benefits of making your own DIY balloon garland, I am sure you are eager to learn how to make one, so keep reading to find out and you will be an expert in no time!

How To Create A Balloon Garland

What You’ll Need:

– Assorted Colors of Balloons

– Balloon Pump

– Fishing Line or Clear String

– Tape

– Scissors


1. Blow Up Your Balloons

Begin by blowing up your balloons. It’s helpful to have a friend help you with this part! Once they are all blown up, tie off the end of each balloon. You can either blow up each balloon to the relatively same size or small, medium, and large sizes, depending on the look you want. If you have a small space, it may be better to only blow up a few balloons at a time so you have room to build your garland.

2. Cut Several Pieces of String or Fishing Line and Tie Balloons to Ends of String

Cut several pieces of fishing line or string, each about 3 feet long. Tie a balloon to the end of each piece of string. You can also tie several balloons on one string to achieve a much fuller looking effect. Make sure each balloon is tied securely to prevent any falling down during your event. It is also helpful to keep your balloon strings organized and tidy so that they do not tangle together and cause more work for you.

3. Tape the Strings to Wall or Surface to Hang Up the Balloons

Tape the strings to the wall or ceiling in a horizontal line, making sure to leave some space between each balloon. Giving space between each balloon will allow for a more organized looking garland. You can also create a more organic look by taping your string in different intervals and making sure to have some balloons overlapping. Let your creativity flow! If you want, you can add more decorations to your balloon garland such as greenery, ribbons, or confetti for an even more festive look.

Other Tips

Continue until all of the balloons are hung up. You may take time to step back every now and then while working on your garland to make sure it is turning out the way you envision it. It is better to readjust or restart at the beginning of the project rather than taking the whole thing down and restarting after you thought you were done. Making and hanging your garland will also involve a lot of standing and raising you arms above your head, so make sure to take breaks as often as you need them and give yourself plenty of time to complete the project. Seeking out the help of a friend or family member can be especially helpful as well because of this.

Step back and enjoy your beautiful balloon garland! Your hard work will surly pay off with a beautiful and personalized balloon garden that will elevate your party and space.

How To Create A Balloon Garland

Expenses of Making Your Own Balloon Garland

In general, balloon garlands are often quite cheap to make yourself. Supplies are typically cheap, as the supplies mentioned above typically totals to about $20. This of course can vary however depending on the size of your garland and the variety of balloons you buy, but still will almost always be cheaper than buying a balloon garland from someone else.

As you can see, making your own balloon garland is much cheaper than hiring a company to do it for you. Not only will you save money, but you will also have the opportunity to customize your garland to match your party’s theme or color scheme. So next time you are planning an event, keep this cost-effective and fun DIY in mind!

Personalizing Your Own Balloon Garland

Now that you know how to make a basic balloon garland, why not personalize it to make it even more unique? Here are a few ideas:

– Use Different Shaped Balloons, such as Heart-Shaped or Star-Shaped Balloons, for a Festive Twist.

– Mix and Match Colors to Create a Rainbow Effect.

– Alternate Between Solid Color Balloons and Patterned Balloons.

– Incorporate Other Decorations Into the Garland, such as Greenery, Pompoms, or Streamers.

Get creative and have fun with it! There is no wrong way to make your balloon garland uniquely yours.

Using a Balloon Garland as a Photo Backdrop

One of the best things about balloon garlands is that they make for beautiful photo backdrops. Whether you are taking photos at a birthday party, baby shower, or any other event, a balloon garland will add some extra zest. Guests will love posing in front of your one-of-a-kind backdrop, and you will love having amazing photos to remember the occasion by.

Here are a few tips for using a balloon garland as a photo backdrop:

– Choose a color scheme or theme that coordinates with your event. This will help the photos look cohesive and stylish.

– Hang the garland in a place where there is plenty of natural light. This will ensure that the photos come out looking bright and clear.

– Experiment with different angles and heights to get the best shot.

– Have fun with it! Balloons are a great way to add some whimsy and personality to your photos.

– Set up a prop station. Having masks, signs, and other props for your guests to pose with is a great way to help elevate your photos and emphasize a theme. If you having trouble finding props, using leftover balloons can also help your guests pose for a great photo!

A balloon garland is a beautiful, unique, and affordable way to decorate for any occasion. So next time you are planning an event, consider making your own balloon garland! It is sure to impress your guests and leave a lasting impression.

How To Create A Balloon Garland

Taking Down Balloon Garlands

Taking down a balloon garland can be just as much work as putting it up, but luckily there are a few ways to make the process a little bit easier. Here are a few tips:

– Use a step ladder or stool to reach the higher parts of the garland. This will prevent you from having to stretch or strain your arms.

– If the garland is hung with tape, use a butter knife or other sharp tool to cut the tape. This will make it easier to remove the balloons without popping them.

– Gently pull the balloons off of the string or fishing line. Take your time so that you don’t accidentally rip them.

– Once all of the balloons are off, carefully remove the string or fishing line from the tape.

– If any of the balloons have popped, use a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment to suck up the pieces and then recycle them.

With these tips in mind, taking down your balloon garland will be a breeze!

Balloon Garland Kits

If you have been to any craft stores recently, you may have noticed pre-made balloon garland kits available to buy. This can also be a good option for many people, but do have some negative aspects to them as well.

The main positive of using one of these kits is that it can save you a lot of time. If you are short on time or just don’t feel like making your own garland, this can be a good option. The kit will come with everything you need to make the garland, including balloons, string, and tape. All you have to do is follow the instructions and put it all together.

However, there are some drawbacks to using a balloon garland kit. First of all, they can be quite expensive. Some kits can cost upwards of $100, which is more than what it would cost to buy all of the materials separately and make your own garland. In addition, the kits often only come in one color or style, so if you are looking for something specific, you may be out of luck.


All in all, pre-made balloon garland kits can be a time-saving option, but they are not always the most cost-effective choice. If you have the time and patience to make your own garland, we say go for it! You will end up saving money and likely have a lot more fun in the process.